Methodology Courses

iSQI® CAT Certified Agile Tester

Focusing heavily on practical exercises and a hands-on approach the iSQI® CAT Certified Agile Tester will provide you with the requisite know-how to succeed in any agile project.

iSQI® CMAP Mobile App Testing – Foundation Level

CMAP Mobile App Testing – Foundation Level provides participants with introduction and understanding to Mobile App Testing using relevant exercise and examples to reinforce their skills and knowledge.

iSQI® CMAP Mobile App Test Automation

This course is an introduction to mobile application testing via User Interface (UI) Test Automation. It provides an advanced view into mobile testing, the most relevant techniques and terminology.

WCAG 2.0, 2.1, UX – course for testers and developers of web applications for digitally excluded

One-day training for testers and developers of web applications in the field of User Experience and WCAG 2.0, 2.1.

Software Testing Basics. Test case design.

The object of the course is to introduce its participants to testing process, acquaint them with testing terminology, explain the purpose of testing, how test cases are prepared, introducing testing techniques as well as their practical application.

Software Testing – the course is addressed to management and specialists organizing and implementing acceptance tests

One-day course based on verified methodologies, standards and good practices for software testing that constitute a universal base for systemizing, setting and optimizing test process within an organization.

Testing Process Organization

The aim of the course is to acquaint the participants with the method of organizing testing process within an organization.

Requirements management

One-day course dedicated to Test Analysts and Business Analysts, the objective of which is to present the most significant issues in requirements management.

ISTQB® Foundation – Certified Tester Foundation Level

The objective of the course is to prepare the participants to take ISTQB Foundation exam by means of, among all, acquainting them with the most significant issues concerning software testing and software testing management.