New version of ‘SAFe® 4.6 for Lean Enterprises’

Quality Factory, the Soflab Technology training organization, extends the offer with a new standard of training “SAFe® 4.6 for Lean Enterprises”. Our courses will soon be adapted to the new requirements of Scaled Agile Inc.

The Scaled Agile Inc. partners, including the Quality Factory, can conduct training for their clients in the current SAFe® version by the end of the year. We are not going to wait, however. Our trainings are adapted to a higher standard on an ongoing basis.

Scaled Agile Inc. announced the introduction of the new version of SAFe 4.6 on November 14th. The changes relate to five key competences of Lean Enterprise, which enable companies to effectively respond to unstable market conditions, changing customer needs and new technologies. These competences are:

  • Lean-Agile Leadership
  • Team and Technical Agility
  • DevOps and Release on Demand
  • Business Solutions and Lean Systems Engineering
  • Lean Portfolio Management

Each competence is a set of related knowledge, skills and behaviors that together enable companies to achieve the best quality and value in the shortest possible time.

Big picture has also been slightly modified – version 4.6 still supports a full range of development environments. The current version (like the previous one) contains four ready configurations (Essential, Large Solution, Portfolio and Full SAFe).

The SAFe Implementation Map has been expanded with 3 additional trainings:

  • SAFe DevOps
  • SAFe Agile Software Engineering
  • SAFe System and Solution Architect

Another important issue included in the SAFe® 4.6 version is the approach to the implementation of large-scaled government programs which resulted in the introduction of dedicated training: SAFe for Government.

We invite you to our trainings. New proposals will soon appear here:

More information about the “SAFe® 4.6 for Lean Enterprises” version: