WCAG 2.0, 2.1, UX without secrets: training for testers and developers of applications for people with disabilities

Quality Factory, Soflab Technology training organization, introduces courses for testers and developers of web applications for people with disabilities, according to the WCAG standard. The first course starts already on October 20th.

People with disabilities constitute a significant group of our society. They want to be active, work, get things done and have access to technologies that can help them. Business has already understood this – telecoms, banks, financial institutions and media constantly adapt their services to the needs of people with disabilities. The companies appreciated that the disabled do not want to be “digitally excluded”. It is worse with state institutions. Currently only 48.2 % public administration services are tailored to the needs of disabled people – according to the Accessibility Report 2018, which is created every year by the Widzialni Foundation. The improvement is visible, but there is still much to do.

Soflab Technology, which established the Quality Factory organization for training, is a partner of the annual “Digitally Excluded” conference organized by the Widzialni Foundation. We make every effort to open the digital world for the needs of people with disabilities. That’s why we want to train specialists who will help us adapt the digital world to the needs of people with disabilities.

The training is dedicated to all those involved in the design of Internet applications – developers responsible for building solutions, designing functionalities, as well as testers verifying the compliance of the software with the accepted WCAG standards. We invite employees IT companies specializing with software development, creating websites and internet applications as well as freelancers who deal with creating solutions for the Internet on a daily basis.

The training participants will gain practical and theoretical knowledge, allowing design and development of solutions for a wide range of users, including people who are “digitally excluded”. We will show the participants technical solutions supporting the needs of the elderly and the disabled. We also provide the necessary knowledge about popular tools used to support computer and Internet use.

More information: https://fabrykajakosci.pl/en/course/wcag_ux_en/